How to Sell Your Car for Cash

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How to Sell Your Car for Cash

You have been thinking of selling your old car for cash. You would certainly want to be able to get more cash off of such a vehicle that would otherwise just have to go to the junkyard. So, you have decided to place an ad at to see if there are any interested parties that would actually want it. You would certainly want to make sure that you are doing the process right. If you have never done this before, then here are some tips for you.

Make sure that you do an extreme cleaning first. You will need the right tools to pull this off. You will need to erase decals so, a razor with single edge would be something that you will find handy. You need to vacuum the insides and make sure that you will also get into the cracks. Make sure that you treat the dash and the cupholders with undiluted ammonia. Adding a new car scent may not be a bad idea as well.

 You are going to need pictures that you can post at interested buyers to see. You will want to choose a sunny day to take these pictures. You will want to snap them at a setting in the rural area. Leafy backdrops are often the best. Capture every angle of the car to assure buyers that you are not hiding some bashed-in parts and fenders that you may be hiding from view.

When an interested buyer at would contact you to meet and see the vehicle, you will want to make sure that you go for a safe spot. In this case, you will need somewhere that a lot of people are likely going to be frequenting at. You need somewhere that is public so there are people that will see you and the buyer. A stripmall is also an ideal choice.

Make sure that you price the car lower too. You are just about to dispose it anyway and you just want to be sure that you are able to get some value off of it. Make sure that it is around 20% lower than the pricing that others have to offer. This is a very surefire way of ensuring that you can attract a lot of potential buyers. Also never agree to do a test drive with anybody who is not really willing to pay for the full price.

Be sure that the papers are set and ready too. You need to make sure that you have the necessary documentation ready if people will want to take a look at them to verify the authenticity of your ownership of the car. Make sure that you have secured the title of the car. You will have to get the license plate returned though and the insurance cancelled as well.

You will need to come prepared. Make sure that you have the identification number of the vehicle as the insurance of the buyer is likely going to need such details. Before you go sign the title to transfer ownership. Call the bank of the buyer first to ensure that the check that he is issuing you is legit. You can never be too trusting these days or assume that everything is done right. Double checking and even triple checking things is always essential to avoid getting duped.

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