Claiming vehicle insurance for accident repair

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Claiming vehicle insurance for accident repair

If you are in an accident, you must consider making your claim on your vehicular insurance. We were going to talk about things you must know before you planning on making a claim. And what to do if when the driver does not have any insurance or does not want to cooperate on settling things.

Making claim for insurance after an accident

If you are in an accident things you should be doing:

  • Do not admit that it was your fault at the scene of the accident
  • Get to know the other party and ask details if there are any witnesses in the scene to ease things up for accident repair. If the other party does not want to cooperate, the insurance may help you to trace their vehicular registration number.
  • You must tell the insurance representative about the accident directly, even if you do not want to take responsibility of the said accident
  • If possible take some photographs that can be used as evidence if any problem will occur that may be a problem for accident repair of what insurances you have.

Having a third party insurance

If you have third party insurance you must make a claim against the other party and let the insurance representative to decide who will take the responsibility for the accident. If the insurer says that you are the one who is responsible for the accident, you will have to pay on your own for accident repairs.

If they were using a company vehicle, let the company know what it is all about, and let the insurer know that you have taken this action. The other party will also do a report about the accident to their own insurance company. If you are in doubt that the other party does not have insurance, you can call Motor Insurance Database.

If by any chance things got worse and you do not know what to do, do not hesitate to ask for help.

If you are certain that the accident was not your fault in the first place

If you are certain that it was not your fault you may use a credit hire company rather than using your vehicular insurances. Some insurance company will give you a hell of an experience because they do not want to spend money more than they think for their own interest. They will find a way to lessen the cost of accident repairs.

Unidentified driver or uninsured

If you own a comprehensive cover, you can claim it on your own. If the driver is uninsured or can’t be unidentified you may ask The Motor Insurers Bureau to help to settle any claim and it adds cases when the policy conditions have been broken by the driver.

Accident repair for you vehicle

Before repairing your car you should get the approval from your insurance company since they will send a representative to inspect your vehicle and estimate the overall cost for the accident repair. If you want to take responsibility in estimating the repair cost, then you should ask first the approval for this action from your insurance company. You may also visit the site of the best auto repair shop at


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