Top 5 Tips For Buying A Family Car

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Top 5 Tips For Buying A Family Car

There are 5 S’s when it comes to buying a family car and anyone will tell you that it is not an easy feat. We’ve put together for you this handy guide about things to consider when choosing a car for your family. Unfortunately websites like may have excellent modifications but we’re not going to recommend that you install an in-car coffee machine to cope with the kids. We can give you other advice instead!

  • Safety: check the Euro NCAP rating of the car. This is the crash safety score system and with children in the care you want to check out their child occupancy protection. We all know that there are laws on car seats but extended rear-facing is the safest for your child for as long as possible. Don’t worry about where their legs will go but make sure you have had proper car seat installation advice and the children are in the car in the right seats for their weight and height.
  • Shape: choosing your car shape is important when considering how much space you’ll need. Tall and boxy cars may not look as appealing as the sleek and shiny sports cars that practically sit you on the road, but they’ll be a God send when it comes to not smacking your head off the ceiling. Tall cars let you maximise the space and it’ll help you sit up tall when driving. If you’re loading kids in and out of car seats you can save yourself the bad back too!
  • Seats: always check the flexibility of the rear seats. By all means, install an older child’s car seat in the front (as long as the air bags are switched off!) but those rear seats need to be the same size and being able to slide them forward and back is handy. Check for ISOFIX points on the seats and check to see if they can fold down as well.
  • Storage: you don’t just want a giant boot space. Well, perhaps not giant but you need to consider the size of your pram or buggy before choosing a car. There’s no use skipping home from the showroom with a brand new chuggabug if your double twin pram won’t fit the boot. You also need to have a look at the inside of the car and see what the storage is like in the car doors for kids paraphernalia especially if you want to hide toys and games from views when you park up.
  • Specification: darker materials inside your car may be more child-friendly as they can hide a number of stains. The last thing you need is muddy shoe prints or wet feet messing up the back seats of your car. Yes, all cars can be cleaned out but checking things like this can save you money! Are there reversing sensors? Would you prefer a camera, too? Again, all things you should consider. Perhaps setting up screens or installed velcro’d tablets for those long journeys!
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